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You can save people’s lives, but you cannot save them from life.

-Mama McCall, Teen Wolf 4x11

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If something happens, don’t expect me to risk my life trying to save yours.

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Se vuoi salvarti, leggi. E se tu volessi, addirittura, salvare qualcuno, scrivi.

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Il mio giorno più bello nel mondo l’ho vissuto con te…

Francesco Renga

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Just got back from the Giffoni Film Festival… What can I say, Dylan was so so so sweet. I always saw him as a funny guy, but he is so much more, he’s really lovely and down to Earth and genuinely impressed by all the fans he has in the world .
I’m seriously impressed by him! 


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Come here in the duality of time

The things I feel now I never thought I’d find [x]

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